6 days ago

Still lookin


We still wanna find someone to meet up with before we head down male female cd ts open to all so hmu

6 days agoEdited: 6 days ago

Hey when are y’all looking to go

6 days ago

When ever we find someone of interest to meet up with

6 days ago

Im guy lookingvtocduck a big dick while my wife watchs

Starting to think we are too freaky in bed or people just haven't realized fantasies can come true.

6 days ago

You aint the only ones left , we have been freaks since way back... We are down with whatever

6 days ago

Send us some pics and we will sen u some your way....we are in need of like minded friends .. We are wanting to meet asap we are in the middle of a hot debate over what were wanting to do today and need someone to intervene... She wants me to dress up.like a dirty little whore so she can dominate me untill I submit to her and beg her to fuck me till. I learn my lesson and learn to take her strap on like the dirty little whore i am...... And i kinda want to just lay back and chill while every hole in her is just fucked seven ways to Sunday by whoever wants to make her their personal cum dumpster . Then I will have the pleasure of knowing that my wife is one of the sexiest around and can take all the dick or the pussy you can throw at her and wont stop till you literally fuck her to sleep

6 days ago

Sounds like fun my wife and I are down for whatever

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5 days ago

My wife and I will be there around 9 looking for other couples. Does anyone know what the door fee for couples is now?

5 days ago

Wfe and I are looking to check out this place . This is new to us what to expect

2 hours ago

@goofydisney all new to this and wife is nervous about 1st time . Wants to go check it not and just see what goes on .

an hour ago

@New couple that’s cool message me and we can meet and play Pool or just hang out on the patio

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