Oct 16

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Anyone looking to go down on a nice clean cock Thursday around 2:30-3pm?


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  • Uxpected pleasures Dressed to impress it just happened. Something rarely discussed. You had been care free all night. An admirer and you had been connecting in discussion and the topic came up. I had already informed you that she , she!!!! Had expressed her desire that if the opportunity was available she would enjoy being able to witness you being sexually pleased. You being the open woman you are to our sexual desires. You questioned her on what she would exactly do. The one that effected your sexual throbbing to start was you on your back. She would kneel over you straddling your body facing you feet. This way see would have complete view of that sexy kinky pussy of yours as you were being fucked. To be able to hold your legs open for my throbbing cock eat that swollen clit. As soon as you heard clit yours began to swell and the feeling of the wetness surprised you. You fantasized about how hard my cock would be. You knew me seeing your pussy used like this would cause me to loose reality to any sexual pleasure performed to you.
  • Hey everybody, I’m new to the scene and could use some help to be shown the ropes. I’m up for anything mostly, especially couples!

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